About Bowen Taekwondo Club

Bowen Secondary School Taekwondo Club was established in 2000 as a full-fledged CCA. ‘Tae’ means to kick or smash with the feet, ‘Kwon’ implies punching or destroying with the hands or fists and ‘Do’ means the art or the way. Hence, Taekwondo means the art of foot and hand fighting, emphasised in leg techniques and gravity defying aerial kicks. ‘The way’ indicates not only the physical but also the spiritual aspect of this form of martial art.

Therefore, Bowen Taekwondo Club’s training revolved around two main activities:

a. Poom Sae demonstration (Taegeuk/Poomsae Mastery or Mastery of martial art forms)

b. Sparring (Hand-to-Hand Combat/Unarmed Combat Mastery)


Secondary 1     Basic Skills

  • Basic Punches, kicks, blocks and stances.
  • Introduction to Basic Unarmed Combat

Secondary 2     Intermediate Skills

  • Learning of Turning kick, Backthrust, Reverse kick etc
  • Introduction to Sparring techniques and mock sparring practices.
  • Intermediate Unarmed Combat.
  • Young Bowenians fighters who have a good grasp of Basic Skills selected for tournament training or Poomsae training.

Secondary 3     Advanced Skills

  • Jumping sidekick, Jumping backthrust, 360 degree kick etc.
  • Advanced Unarmed Combat and Advanced Sparring techniques.
  • Train for tournament/Selectively train for national tournament

Secondary 4/5   Junior Instructors

  • Poom/Black belt seniors as mentors of junior members.
  • Train for tournament/national tournament

Besides weekly training to attain acme of perfection in skill, Bowen Taekwondo Club also organized Clan War events and CIP community programmes FOSTERING BOWEN SPIRIT and not forgetting to HAVE FUN!

1.      Clean the Beach at East Coast / Newspaper Collection etc

2.      Clan Wars 1,2 and 3. Four Taekwondo Clans namely:

  • King Fisher Clan
  • Real McCoy Clan
  • Riser Clan
  • Zen Clan

      pit their skills in Games, Poomsae, Unarmed Combat and Sparring vying for TOP CLAN OF THE YEAR title, highest honor bestowed to champion clan only.

3.    Farewell Barbecue at East Coast/ Farewell Junk Food Party at Student Hub / Farewell Buffet at Seoul Garden/Farewell Ceremony for graduating Taekwondo Club Seniors.   


We welcome all comments. Happy surfing


You are more than welcome to contact Mr Dave Ng at ng_teck_yeow@moe.edu.sg or leave a message at Message Board (IMS) for any queries.

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  1. I am keen to join adult TKD classes. Pls let me know timing and venue. thanks,

  2. erm can you tell me when is the training? i put taekwondo as 1st cca

  3. I really miss bowen Tkd alot… was a vice chairman back in 2005!! Miss every single one of the junior!

  4. Dear Sir,

    We are organising a Chun Khun Do/ TaeKwon-Do seminar on the 17th and 18th of September at the Martial Arts Room at RP. Enclosed the brochure. We wish to encourage all martial arts students to take part as this is open to all forms of martial arts. It encompasses self defense techniques.

    The instructor is Supreme Master KIM BOK MAN, Technical Founder of TaeKwon-Do and Father of TaeKwon-Do in Singapore so to speak as he was instrumental in bringing TaeKwon-Do to Singapore and Malaysia in the 60’s and 70’s.

    Every 5 students who sign up, 1 attend free. Therefore if combined, the cost will be less than $ 200 for the 2 full day seminars, which includes training fees, t shirt and weapon stick, lunch and drinks.

    Detailed brochure can be provided upon request.

    Dr William Choo
    5th Degree Black Belt

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