Bowen Taekwondo Club Clan Blogs Archives

Bowen Taekwondo Club

Clan Blogs Archives

King Fisher Clan
King Fisher Clan Blog created by Neo Ee Rui 4E6 ( 2008 )

Real McCoy Clan
Real McCoy Clan Blog created by Mohd Shaqil Bin Mohd 4E2 ( 2008 )
Real McCoy Clan Blog updated by Mohd Shaqil Bin Mohd 4E2 ( 2008 )                                                 

Real McCoy Clan Blog created by Ang Wei Yang 4E1 (2009)

Riser Clan

Zen Clan
Zen Clan Blog created by Nicholas Woon Yong Jie 4E3 ( 2008 )

Zen Clan Blog created by Wesley Tian Li Wei 2E4  ( 2008 )

Current Clan Blogs Master/Mistress

Bowen Taekwondo Club Blog Moderators
Mr Dave Ng (Bowen Taekwondo Club Teacher in Charge)
Ong Hui Ru 4E3 (PR Chief, 2009)

King Fisher Clan Blog Master
Siew Wei Kang 4E4 (2009)

Real McCoy Clan Blog Master
Ang Wei Yang 4E1 (2009)

Riser Clan Blog Mistress
Ong Hui Ru 4E3 (2009)

Zen Clan Blog Master
Lum Wai Siong 2E1 (2009) Kevin Hok Jun Han 2E1 (2009)

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